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What is qqmag?

Neocube Toy


QQMAG (Neocube)QQMAG (Magnetic Balls) is consisted of super strong NdFeB magnets.

QQMAG is the unique toy in the world. This allows you to create and recreate an outrageous number of shapes and patterns.

QQMAG (Magnetic Balls) is literally a puzzle with billions of solutions.

Your QQMAG (Magnetic Balls) will provide you with hours and hours of unequaled entertainment.


You can build billions of models with QQMAG (NeoCube).

QQMAG (NeoCube) has the ability to form billions of models. QQMAG (NeoCube) actually has a near infinite number of solutions.

QQMAG (Neocube)  QQMAG (Neocube)

Come here, visit QQMAG photo gallery now, you can know which models you will establish freely >>

With all of these possible model solutions, you will come up with numerous shapes and patterns for which there are no names, because you will be the first person in history to have created it.


QQMAG brings you full fun in your life.

QQMAG (Neocube)QQMAG (NeoCube) is your friend. It brings you magic entertainment. QQMAG (NeoCube) turns on your creative imagination to make you feel super good.


How to play with QQMAG? We lead you to watch the magic movies >>


QQMAG (NeoCube) has educational benefits.

QQMAG (NeoCube) actually has significant educational benefits.

Simply playing with your QQMAG (NeoCube) will lead to a better intuitive knowledge of geometry and math. Using your QQMAG (NeoCube) as an educational tool in conjunction with text books will result in a better understanding of geometry both in theoretical and practical terms.

Due to the high amount of geometry , using the QQMAG (NeoCube) as an educational tool could result in a significantly higher test score.

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