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    IQLINK: Magic Building Blocks Toy is a great gift item which can entertain children as a fun activity toy.

    Safe, colorful and educational, IQLINK colorful building blocks can establish thousands of building models with children's imagination. The building models are very excellent, which will amaze children, and help children to build their kingdom of fairy tale. IQLINK connectors connect to regular rectangle building blocks to create unique models which  can be movable, bendable. IQLINK fun! Their rounded shape lets kids create hundreds of magic moveable models and shapes. Each set of IQLINK contain a different number of blocks in 21 kinds of colors.

    There are 6 kinds of shapes and 21 kinds of colors.

    Very colorful and Magic.


    There are special blocks parts in each set. These parts will change color when they are in sunshine. It is very magic and when you build a beautiful model, you can take it outdoor in sunshine. Then, the color will because different. When they leave from sunshine, they will change into original colors.
    There are special blocks parts in each set. These parts will change color when their temperature is more than 31 degree. When it is nearby hot water, when it is in hot environment, when you put it nearby fire, the colors will become changeful. While the temperature is less than 31 degree, they will change into original colors.
    You can build thousands of models according to your imagination. Don't hesitate, join group of IQLINK to establish your own excellent kingdom.
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